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Welcome to OneDirectionFanfiction!

Site News
Finally Getting Things Fixed

Hey Everyone!

Joyce here one of the owners of 1DFF so we have been doing our homework a lot lately, reading the comments on tumblr and seeing what we can do better. So we have a few things we are moving into place. First we are moving hosting ( again...we just feel the need to have a better server is upon us"


For those who remember the migration of 2011 you can remember stories got super lost. So we are going to give everyone 2 weeks! We are going to back up as much as we can.  ( Story wise), but we are asking authors to save your work as we can't promise everything will come over. ( we can try really hard and pray about it...but somethings may get lost) so that means April 2,2016 the site will go down for all of two days. and then on April 4th we will reopen on a new server with some new layouts as well!


Thank you so much to our mods and other admins for being amazing at what you do...but we do listen. So some new features on the site:

The owners corner: We will feature new stories we are reading as well ( not just ones nominated but ones we stumble across. We live for fanfiction its why we opened the site.

We will have a better contact form so if your emails aren't being answered there is a new form ( and a new FAQ) to get you help!

Thank you again so much everyone...we want to continue to make this site amazing for you so we will keep doing everyrhing we can to bring you updates!




--Admin on 03/19/2016 10:25 PM 3 Comments
1DFF Official Winter Awards 2015

The time for voting has come! Voting will only be open for 6 days this time so that we can get the awards out before Christmas Day! Voting will close Wednesday 23rd of December at 5pm EST. You must have a Google Account to vote and you may only vote once!

Click here to vote!

--bloomfields on 12/11/2015 02:50 AM 4 Comments
Testing New Module

Hey Everyone!

So we found a new module we want to roll out with the site..however we need a few authors to help us out and test it!

Requirements: You need to have a banner or cover art for the story

It must be more than one chapter ( no it doesn't have to be finished)

If you are interested please Email us here include your user id ( penname) and the story you are willing to let us use! We will email you back with specific instructions and more detail!


Thank you


--Admin on 11/30/2015 02:50 AM 4 Comments
Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone!

Fitst and foremost we want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays! We have been getting emails from a lot of you about a new theme for darker contrast ( for night reading) we are working on well as a new theme for the new album! Also if you have gone to our other site we are doing some major changes and updates over there.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with the site!


We appreciate you all more than anything!

1DFF Admins/Staff


--Admin on 11/26/2015 05:37 PM 9 Comments