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No Light by giantbandgeek M
banner by will herondale. Fifty years ago, the Third World War tore apart the 196 countries and their governments, leaving six monarchies to take over...
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We're Not Friends by zarryeternity MA
  banner credit: bex   harry styles and madison bowen are not friends.   in fact, madison thinks his tattoos are even more dumb...
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Gobs, Mobs and a whole lotta Snobs. by CharshyBooWillow K
The phone was vibrating. And ringing.Help.Incoming call from Hazza x.Hazza?Probably the phones owners boyfriend.Should I answer it?No?Yes?No?Yes?Nes?Yo?Ahhh...
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Site News
Testing New Module

Hey Everyone!

So we found a new module we want to roll out with the site..however we need a few authors to help us out and test it!

Requirements: You need to have a banner or cover art for the story

It must be more than one chapter ( no it doesn't have to be finished)

If you are interested please Email us here include your user id ( penname) and the story you are willing to let us use! We will email you back with specific instructions and more detail!


Thank you


--Admin on 11/30/2015 01:50 AM 13 Comments
Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone!

Fitst and foremost we want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays! We have been getting emails from a lot of you about a new theme for darker contrast ( for night reading) we are working on that...as well as a new theme for the new album! Also if you have gone to our other site www.onedirectiononline.com we are doing some major changes and updates over there.


Thank you to everyone who has stuck with the site!


We appreciate you all more than anything!

1DFF Admins/Staff


--Admin on 11/26/2015 04:37 PM 13 Comments
Cleanup and Spam

Hey Everyone!

So first thank you to everyone just for being on the site. I don't know how many times we have said but without all of you this site wouldn't happen.


So a few things have come to our attention. Spammers - we are doing our best to get rid of them.

Going through the site with a fine tooth comb is hard but we need your help! If you are a writer on the site or an active reader. Please make sure in your bio you have something in there so we know your not a bot. Please make it human ( any bio with ads to another site or product will be automatically deleted and your ip will be blacklisted from our site.


Also we mentioned a few months ago that we are going to be emailing all you. That is still happening however, with the number of users it takes a little bit to put you all in a database so instead we setup a mailing list for you. ( No we don't expect all of you to join) but this is the best way we can send out updates, and let you all know when there is news and such! We are also going to have options to join something new we are trying. Think like Oprah's book club we will spotlight an author and their stories and have like a q&a style chat about.

There are so many times when we read stories we are like what? Wait no that can't happen like that and we would love to hear what the writter was thinking.

Also a huge thank you to our amazing admins who have been doing amazing helping keep this site running we could not do any of this without you!

Click here to join the mailing list!  Again you don't have to join but it will help make our lives easier


- 1DFF Owners

--Admin on 08/18/2015 11:23 PM 17 Comments
1DFF Official Spring Awards!

It’s time once again to nominate your favourite fics!

Just remember that you CANNOT nominate any fic that has already WON (come first place) an award. You can, however, nominate fics by an author that has won an award already.

For a full list, please see the 1dff tumblr (1dffofficial.tumblr.com/tagged/awards) Remember also to include the AUTHOR’S USERNAME. NO spam voting.

Nominations close 6pm Sunday, April 5 EST

Link to nominate.

--bloomfields on 03/31/2015 08:18 PM 3 Comments
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