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silhouette dreams by abejas T
banner by maria. liam payne was a thirty-year-old ex-pop star who owned a vineyard in california with his brother. thea halstead was a twenty-eight-year-old...
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USER by chelseatotten28 T
When Felicite moves from New York to the small town of Rayport, things start to change- and fast, when she meets Harry.        Small...
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Bad Girl | Zayn Malik by Aracely-Styles MA
Avril Moon. A girl without feelings and without a heart, or that is what she says. To her, she is only interested in the sex. Does not believe in love...
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Welcome to 1DFanfics!
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Summer Awards 2014

What a wonderful round of awards we've had! There was such a diverse and incredible range of stories, and it is such a shame we cannot give all the nominees an award. But nevertheless, the public has spoken and these are what you voted for! Also, we've decided to throw in an 'admins pick' award for each category; which basically means that a voting form was sent out to all the admins to vote between the remaining stories.

Congratulations to all the winners! And feel free to use your award banners in the summary/authors notes/ends notes/etc to show off your success! Or, if you didn't win, feel free to show off your nomination with the nominee banner.

Until the next time! Thanks everyone!


All Nominees

--Admins on 07/28/14 07:26 PM 0 Comments
New Items

So one thing we have come across while living on the internet are some great covers of 1D songs. So we are gonna start posting and featuring some awesome videos we come across. If you find one you want to share with us...please tweet us @1DFFOfficial with the link.


Enjoy this cover of 'You & I' sung by the fantastic Priscilla Raine @PriscillaRaine




--Admin on 06/26/14 03:33 PM 0 Comments
One-Shot Contest Results!

First Place: Light in the Darkness - CrazyJ

Second Place: Unconditionally - SmilinForYa

Third Place: roundabout - PotterGirl5

*Links to all winning stories can be found HERE *

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who entered the competition!

--Admins on 06/18/14 10:14 PM 0 Comments
500,000 Members!


Happy 500,000 members! We want to start off with a huge THANK YOU to every single member of 1DFF. You all have made this site into what it is today and it's because of you are that we are all able to do what we do.

One Direction Fanfiction has given authors a place to express their creative freedom and has reached heights that none of us have ever thought possible. The work that is within these pages is absolutely astounding. There is too much talent to even comprehend.

To celebrate half a million members we have decided to issue an official one-shot challenge. Prizes will be given to multiple winners as well as a chance to have your work featured on the site :) Please check that out at the link below if you are interested.




Once again, thank you to everyone. We love each and every single one of you and we hope to grow even bigger as time continues on.


- 1DFF Team

--Admin on 03/12/14 06:27 AM 0 Comments
Featured Recommendations

Hello all! Our featured stories are going to be getting a little more frequent nowadays so that we are giving more and more people the chance to have their stories seen! We are currently accepting recommendations to our email address.

Please make sure that the story you recommend is up to par with all of our previously featured fics :) All the stories must have at least 5 chapters and less than 200 reviews. We understand that you have your popular favorites but we're looking for more "unknown" stories. As always, we expect them all to be grammatically correct and have some unique and fun plots!

Make sure you send your email to: with the title 'Feature Recommendation'

Please make sure to recommend us your favorites. There is no limit on how many stories you can send! We look forward to hearing from you guys :)

* We are looking for stories that are recommended from readers, not the authors themselves. If you would like to self-promote or need a beta-reader please take a look at our message boards :) *

--Administrators on 02/07/14 12:34 AM 0 Comments